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Featured integrations

Elevate your operations with our featured integrations, each unlocking transformative capabilities to enhance efficiency and optimize collaboration across your workflow seamlessly.


Gain real-time visibility of sprint progress and streamline customer feedback analysis effortlessly.


Identify and respond swiftly to critical issues in your digital infra' with PagerDuty's real-time alerting capabilities.

Resource Scheduler

Empower your teams to focus on impactful tasks and boost productivity with VazuDev.

ECS Cost Optimization

Optimize Amazon ECS costs and efficiently manage Docker containers within budget.

EKS Cost Optimization

Scale, deploy, and manage containerized apps to maximize efficiency and minimize Kubernetes costs.

RBAC Visualizer

Gain insights into your RBAC systems, visualize, analyze permissions, enhance security and efficiency in your organization.

"VazuDev's integration with JIRA provides valuable profitability reports and Gantt charts. With these features, we've streamlined project management, optimized profitability, and improved overall efficiency".

Pankaj Chauhan
Head Of Engineering

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Frequently asked questions

Explore common queries about VazuDev's integrations to gain a deeper understanding of their features, customization options, impact on cost management, and the robust support available for seamless integration into your workflow.
What is the purpose of integrating JIRA into VazuDev, and how does it benefit AWS partners?
The integration with JIRA in VazuDev aims to provide visibility into project progress, milestone tracking, and efficient customer feedback analysis. It benefits AWS partners by streamlining project management, monitoring project advancement, and simplifying customer feedback analysis, ultimately improving project efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Can you explain how the PagerDuty integration in VazuDev helps with incident response and resolution in AWS partner operations?
The PagerDuty integration in VazuDev enhances incident response and resolution by providing a centralized platform for managing and responding to incidents. It ensures that issues are quickly identified, routed to the appropriate teams, and resolved, minimizing downtime and disruptions in AWS partner operations.
What is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in VazuDev, and how does it enhance the security and management of AWS resources?
RBAC in VazuDev is a security feature that allows AWS partners to define and manage roles and permissions for users. It enhances security by ensuring that users have access only to the resources and actions they need, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
How can AWS partners make the most of the PagerDuty integration in VazuDev to improve incident response and service reliability?
AWS partners can make the most of the PagerDuty integration by setting up alerting and incident routing rules, ensuring that the right teams are notified of incidents. Additionally, they can use PagerDuty's incident response features to resolve issues quickly and maintain service reliability.
Can you explain how RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is set up and managed within VazuDev to ensure secure resource access?
RBAC in VazuDev is set up by defining roles and assigning specific permissions to each role. AWS partners can create roles for different users or teams based on their responsibilities. This ensures secure resource access by granting users access only to the resources and actions they require for their tasks.
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