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Automate your migration assessments and leave manual tasks behind with VazuAI. Experience it firsthand today with a free demo.
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Experience strategic AWS migrations with VazuAI

Elevate your AWS journey with VazuAI's cutting-edge features designed to simplify and enhance the migration process.
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Automate Assessments

Revolutionize your assessment process with VazuAI, providing quick and accurate migration strategies at your fingertips.
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Compatibility Analysis

Ensure a seamless migration by identifying potential issues, discrepancies, or conflicts that could arise during the process.
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Continous Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind post-migration as VazuAI vigilantly monitors your system's performance and data integrity.
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Customized Migration Strategy

Navigate the transition with confidence using VazuAI's step-by-step recommendations and best practices.
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Boost Efficiency

Maximize efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and data mapping, freeing up time and resources for critical aspects of your project.
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Strategic Growth Planning

Plan for the future with VazuAI's scalable recommendations, aligned with your business objectives for optimal growth.

How it works?

VazuAI simplifies migration, providing strategic guidance and seamless transitions to AWS. Discover the smart route to cloud success.

A closer look at VazuAI's tangible deliverables

From detailed migration plans to performance optimization reports, VazuAI equips you with the tools needed for a successful AWS journey.

Assessment summary report

VazuAI offers a comprehensive overview that provides datasets for your AWS migration. Manage your process effectively, make informed decisions, and receive recommendations through visual charts and reports.

Application migation readiness report

VazuAI is designed to assess your application's readiness for migration. It analyzes the current state and complexities in the migration process and guides you in identifying the optimal path for your AWS journey.

Find out if your database is compatible

Evaluate your database compatibility with AWS and define the migration path, taking into account the complexities associated with the process. 

Actionable functions to consider

Gain in-depth analysis of your database migration process with VazuAI. It suggests actionable functions and categorizes them based on the complexity involved, providing a clear roadmap for your migration journey.

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