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Features for AWS partners success

Streamline operations, boost sales and marketing - all in one comprehensive solution. VazuDev features make partner success simple and efficient.

Operations at Your fingertips with VazuDev

Resource Scheduler

Effortlessly automate AWS resource utilization, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, & ensure optimal performance with streamlined management.

Dora Reports

Gain detailed insights into your cloud analytics and make informed, data-driven decisions to drive your cloud operations forward.

Cost Utilization Reports

Track and analyze your cloud expenses in real-time. Stay in control and optimize cloud spending with accurate cost insights.

Drive Sales with automation


Automate and complete assessments in record time, reducing resource dependence, and achieving cost efficiency.

ACE Portal

Say goodbye to tedious manual form filing processes as the ACE Portal automates and streamlines every step in the process.

Document Signing

Effortlessly create SOWs and streamline document management through a secure and seamless digital signing process.

Streamline your customer interactions

Custom Branding

This feature empowers partners to incorporate their unique brand identity, including logos, branding colors, themes, and more.

Unmanaged Accounts

VazuDev ensures precision in managing unmanaged accounts, and enhancing efficiency in handling a diverse range of customer accounts.

Target Marketing

Maximize the impact of your marketing initiatives by leveraging our tag-based strategies, effectively engaging past clients.