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Where automation and growth converge for AWS Partners

VazuDev is the solution to the need for smooth automation in the complex migration readiness assessment process. Our journey commenced with a simple notion, evolving into a transformative innovation.

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Access to basic features
Access to basic features
Access to basic features

AWS partners leverage VazuDev for success.


Achieve faster migration assessments with us.


Accuracy in migration readiness assessment reports.


Partners experience a remarkable efficiency.

Our mission

Cloud adoption for businesses isn’t easy. It drains all the resources to assess migration readiness. Recognizing these complexities, our founders brainstormed for a few weeks and decided to build VazuDev. The purpose is to make the lives of AWS partners easy. How? 

Assess migration readiness 84% faster.
Automate WAFR proposal creation and document signing.
Manage EKS and ECS clusters to reduce your expenses.
Our team

Meet the founder's team

Each member brings a unique blend of skills, experiences, and perspectives that fuels our collective drive to simplify cloud management.

Culture and values

At VazuDev, our core values are the guiding principles that shape our culture and drive every action we take. We believe in cultivating a workplace where innovation and collaboration thrive. Our commitment to these values keeps us firmly on course with our mission to simplify cloud management for AWS partners.

Efficiency at its Best

We're driven to deliver efficiency at every stage for AWS partners, ensuring they achieve their goals with swiftness and precision.

Ownership and Impact

We encourage our team to own what they do, driving meaningful change in the way engineering teams migrate businesses to the cloud.

Transparency and Trust

Open communication, honesty, and being transparent with our partners are the cornerstones of our relationships.


We embrace diversity and foster an environment where every individual's contributions are valued, fortifying our team.
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Discover powerful features of Vazudev

Our cloud management platform is equipped with all the powerful features and tools you need to drive sucess for your clients.