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Empower your AWS journey with VazuDev's AI-driven platform. Accelerate your progress, save on human costs, and streamline operations for efficient AWS cloud management.

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Simplifying Migration Assessments

VazuAI opens opportunities for AWS partners

VazuDev leverages AI to accelerate the AWS (Amazon Web Services) migration assessment phase, helping you make informed decisions, enhance performance, and automate workflows efficiently.

Automated Migration Assessment - Vazu.Dev

Automated Migration Assessments

VazuDev automates long process of migation assessment, creating migration plans and suggestions with just a few clicks.
Rapid Assessment Report - Vazu.Dev

Rapid Assessment Report

VazuDev efficiently delivers your assessment report in just 2-3 weeks, making the process remarkably speedy.
Reduced Resource Dependence - Vazu.Dev

Reduced Resource Dependence

VazuDev gives you the flexibility to create assessments without relying on a SA and a multitude of tools.
Huge Cost Savings - Vazu.Dev

Huge Cost Savings

Save time and money! Automation streamlines migration, cutting costs and optimizing resources for efficient readiness.

Why is VazuDev essential for AWS partners?

Discover the game-changing capabilities of VazuAI, reshaping the AWS partner landscape and redefining standards alongside other essential features in cloud management.

AWS Partners' Pain Points

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3 Months of Assessment Period
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Dependency on SA's
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Potential Cost Overruns
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Analysis Paralysis in Decision-Making
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Risk in Assessment Accuracy
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Challenging to Scale

Addressing Pain Points with VazuAI

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Get your assessment report in days.
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Reduced SA's Involvement
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Save Huge on Resource Cost
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Data-Driven Recommendations
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More Precise Assessments
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Highly Scalable
Cloud Account Management - Vazu.Dev

Cloud Account Management

Centralized AWS cloud account management.

Sales Automation - Vazu.Dev

Sales Automation

Automate workflows, accelerate sales.

Maketing Precision - Vazu.Dev

Marketing Precision

Build a unique brand, engage, upsell effectively.

Resource Optimization - Vazu.Dev

Resource Optimization

Efficient resource allocation and optimization.

Modernize your AWS cloud account management process

AWS Partners can effortlessly manage all of their client's cloud accounts in a single platform, ensuring seamless operations and boosting client satisfaction.

Streamline account management

VazuDev simplifies AWS cloud account management, offering a centralized platform for efficient monitoring.
Plus, it seamlessly integrates with JIRA/NPS, to enhance operations and ensure a smooth workflow.

Client's Cloud Accounts List - Vazu.Dev

Effortless workflow automation

VazuDev's sales automation streamlines essential workflows, automating proposal sending and digital signing.
This enhances sales efficiency, saving time and ensuring a smooth sales pipeline.

Effortless Workflow Automation - Vazu.Dev

Strategic branding and engagement

VazuDev empowers partners to craft a unique brand identity and engage customers with precision through tailored marketing strategies. Moreover, you can upsell by connecting with the target audience and delivering a compelling value proposition.

Strategic Brand and Engagement - Vazu.Dev

Efficient AWS resource utilization

We prioritize optimizing AWS resource utilization to empower partners in efficient account management,
enhance cloud operations, achieve significant cost savings, and ensure precise resource allocation.

Efficient AWS Resource Utilization - Vazu.Dev

VazuDev's impact on boosting AWS partners success

Boost your AWS cloud management potential with our all-in-one solution, encompassing robust features across operations, sales, and marketing, empowering partners to achieve unparalleled growth and efficiency.

Maximum Efficiency - Vazu.Dev

Maximize Efficiency

Partners complete assessments in 1-2 weeks with VazuAI.

Experience Growth - Vazu.Dev

Experience Growth

Gain transparent insights & let your team focus on key tasks.

Cost Savings - Vazu.Dev
Enhancing AWS Partner's Customers Experience - Vazu.Dev

Enhancing AWS partners' customer experience

Customers of AWS Partners witness a refined and efficient journey into the cloud, ensuring swift transitions and tailored excellence in every interaction.

Tailored Excellence in AWS Cloud Management - Vazu.Dev

Tailored Excellence

Every interaction reflects efficiency and transparency.

Rapid Cloud Adoption - Vazu.Dev

Rapid Cloud Adoption

Accelerates customer migration to AWS cloud.

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